Functional Rhinoplasty

Nasal dyspnea or the inability to breathe through the nose may be caused by several problems including nasal polyps, a deviated nasal septum, allergies, nasal masses or tumors, enlarged inferior turbinates and more. In many instances however, nasal dyspnea may occur as a result of inherent characteristics of the nose that pre-dispose the patient to breathing problems. These problems relate to the inherent structure and dynamic characteristics of the nasal valve, which is the main determinant of nasal function. In other instances, patients who may have had previous nasal surgery (either cosmetic or reconstructive), may have difficulty breathing due to compromise of the nasal valve. 

Nasal dyspnea could also compound problems relating to obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome affects many adults and children, and severely impact the health and quality of life of such patients. The dysfunctional nasal valve in essence could be a major contibutor to this not-so-silent syndrome.

As there are many surgeons who perform nasal surgery, it is essential to select one who is highly qualified and experienced in rhinoplasty. This is especially true with respect to  functional nasal surgery as it requires a deep understanding and appreciation of nasal dynamics and structure. Dr. Sofola not only possesses such understanding, but he also demonstrates a special interest in the nose. Upon consultation with Dr. Sofola, your concerns will be addressed in a methodical and scientifically based manner. You will have a clear understanding of your nasal problems as well as a precise plan of action to restore your nasal function.  .