Ethnic Sensitive Rhinoplasty

Ethinic sensitive rhinoplasty is a term used by Dr. Sofola to describe nasal refinement that is ethnically congruent. The changes are clear yet not harsh, resulting in a non – operated natural transformation that preserves ones ethnic features. Ethnic sensitive rhinoplasty focuses on identifying and preserving nasal features that are pleasing while refining features that are out of place.  From his experience performing many rhinoplasties in individuals from around the globe, Dr. Sofola has developed and refined techniques that he customizes to the individual nose. Common features of the ethnic sensitive rhinoplasty include:

Reshaping the wide nostrils

 Narrowing the broad nose

 Building up the flat nose

 Refining the nasal tip

 Hump reduction

 Correction or the droopy nasal tip

 Non-operated result

 Preserved ethnic features but visible changes that fits the rest of the face

 Thining of thick nasal skin

 Minimal to no scarring result

Dr. Sofola‘s experience spans a wide variety of ethnic groups. His experience is highly valued in the African American community as well as the Latin American, Middle Eastern and Asian communities.